Monthly Archives: February 2014

An Experiment

I got a few resource books for Christmas, so I have decided to go back and start over with my trees, making sure everything is documented properly.  I also got a flood of original documents from my uncle, so I have a lot of work to do.

But that whole process got sidetracked because I became obsessed with the idea of PICTURES.  I wanted to get my hands on every picture of my family I could find.  My uncle dug some of those up for me, and I am working on scanning them to preserve them and pass them along to my other family members.  But I decided to take one picture of my grandma and do a little experiment.

Nine years ago, on February 2, we buried my grandma, Jennie Valenti.  So I took a beautiful picture I had of her, and I decided to try to do a slight restore and color.  I meant it to be a weekend project, but it ended up taking me closer to a week.  Oops. Here’s my finished product (if I truly stop fiddling with it).

Jennie Valenti 1952

Jennie Valenti 1952