Monthly Archives: October 2013

News To Me

In trying to stay organized and thoughtful in my research, I’ve become extremely overwhelmed.  I need to take a step back and evaluate what I’ve been doing, make sure I’ve been sourcing properly and that I know what documentation I’m missing.

I know that in order to find out more about my Meditz heritage, I will have to get documents from the Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association.  So I did a little research into the Cachia line instead.  I checked out the 1930 census, and I noticed something interesting.


In the right hand column, it notes the year of immigration for each person.  I had always thought my great-grandfather Emanuel came first, in 1922, and the rest of the family followed after in 1928.  But now I see that my grandmother’s oldest brother came on his own in 1926.  I decided to track down his ship record and made an interesting discovery.


On the passenger list, they made note of where the person will be staying when they arrive at their destination.  According to this, Lorenzo was going to be staying with his father Emanuel, who was living at 411 West 19th Street in Manhattan.  I always thought my family always lived in this small area around Brooklyn and Queens, but now I know a bit differently!